Book presentation: “L’Architettura del Novecento a Reggio Emilia”

Given the success of the exhibition RE900 - Architettura del Novecento a Reggio Emilia - which had place last summer at Chiostri di San Domenico, Panizzi Library hosts a meeting with direct and indirect experiences by the protagonists of the 20th century in Reggio, on the occasion of “Architettura del Novecento a Reggio Emilia” book presentation, edited by Bruno Mondadori.

The city and the province of Reggio Emilia have a huge unknown heritage, represented by a large number of twentieth-century buildings of important architectural value. This book, the result of a long and scrupulous research, highlights it by looking at the evolution of Reggio architecture between fascism, Reconstruction, Postwar and economic boom, inserting the city in the context of the great twentieth century transformations.

18 Novembre 2011, ore 17.30
Sala del Planisfero, Biblioteca Panizzi
Reggio Emilia


Alberto Manfredini, architect
Giovanni Manfredini, architect
Giordano Gasparini, director of Biblioteca Panizzi
Andrea Zamboni, curator of the book
Chiara Gandolfi
, curator of the book