l PRIZE competition for Capannone 15 b/c Parco Innovazione ex Reggiane (Reggio Emilia) with Cairepro and StudioSilva - 2018

l PRIZE invited competition for urban regeneration Viale Ramazzini, via Gioia and via Talami Quartiere Santa Croce Reggio Emilia - 2018

FINALIST international masterplan competition for urban regeneration of Caserma Sani (Bologna) with XDGA and MATE - 2017

ll PRIZE invited competition for reconversion of ACI headquarters and parking (Reggio Emilia) - 2016

SELECTION of EMT Temporary municipal building in Novi di Modena for Medaglia d'oro Triennale di Milano - 2015

ll PRIZE competition for the new Municipal building in Cavezzo (Modena) with Proap - 2014

HONOURABLE MENTION competition for the reconversion of old Almacen 5 in the Lafarge cement factory in Villaluenga de la Sagra (Toledo) - 2013

l PRIZE contract competition for the Municipal temporary building (EMT) in Novi (Modena) with Politecnica and CMB - 2012

EX-AEQUO PRIZE competition for the requalification of southern side of Piazza Sordello in Mantova and the creation of a new protection and museum for the archaeological ruins and mosaics of roman Domus - 2012

II PRIZE international competition for the "Porta di Novara" aimed at the masteplan for the development of a functional area connected to the exit of Novara Est and the identification of a landmark - 2012

SPECIAL MENTION, international invited project competition "House of Prayer and Learning at Petriplatz, Berlin-Mitte". Zamboni associati architettura in association with Linazasoro & Sanchez Arquitectura Madrid (group leader), Arch. A. Cavani , consultants Arch. A. Ugolini, Arch. M. Pretelli - 2012

l PRIZE IQU. Urban Quality Innovation, national prize, 6° edition, project for the urban requalification of Via Emilia Ospizio in Reggio Emilia - 2010

l PRIZE, national competition for the new school complex - primary and secondary school - in Vezzano sul Crostolo (Italy) - 2007

l PRIZE, Europan 8 International competition for a church with parish center, urban park and neighbourhood services in Latina (Italy) - 2005

FINALIST international invited competition for restoration and reuse of Monza Villa Reale and public related gardens (Guido Canali group leader) - 2004

FINALIST  Roma San Luca Academy Prize 2003 - Architecture with the project Piazza della Resistenza in Bologna - 2002