A shelter - symbol of resilience and human-nature relation - conceived for spatial intimacy, resistance to extreme conditions and respectfulness for the extraordinary natural location.


Fanton Bivouac

location: Auronzo di Cadore, BL
status: 2015, competition


The construction of a shelter structure in alpine high altitude, although of minimal size as a bivouac, introduces a new presence that changes a balance in which nature is unharmed. The bivouacs represent the essence, the "Existenzminimum" of living in extreme conditions. Like the helicopter that will transport the constituent elements of the new bivouac, we think of the new structure as a form that leans in a light, punctual and mediated way towards the ground instead of anchoring directly to the latter. The structure that holds the upper living area is independent, designed to reduce anchorage points thus simplifying the assembly and disassembly process.

The upper and purely residential part of the bivouac started from the archetypal shape of the canadian tent, a form of minimal temporary shelter. Even the tent has evolved technologically to the point that today the innovative materials of new conception allow resistance, lightness, waterproofing, versatility, internal optimization, ease of assembly and anchoring to the ground. All features that we would like to transfer to the Fanton bivouac. The raising of the "tent" or housing module from the ground improves the tightness in case of avalanches, makes the bivouac accessible and accessible even in the case of strongly adverse weather, even with large accumulation of snow at the foot of the structure, avoiding problematic maintenance interventions. The triangular and iconic section also arises from functional assumptions in relation to the optimal resistance to other atmospheric agents, to avoid the overload of snow on the roof and on the sides, consequently reducing the need for the strong structural strength of the inclined walls, allowing at the same time to improve the wind resistance of the structure, thanks to the shape opposes the minimum resistance.