Showcase of the best Italian cuisine, a place to produce and enjoy regional specialties in a welcoming atmosphere. 


Nostrano Restaurant

location: Reggio Emilia 
client: private
status: project and realisation, completed 2012-2013 
program: building refurbishment for a restaurant
collaborators: Daniela Conti
photos: Fabrizio Cicconi


The project involved the renovation of an industrial building with a prefabricated structure; the aim of the intervention was to re-use the building and creating a restaurant with a laboratory space, for the production of products for direct sales as well. The client was an entrepreneur who, several years ago, launched the large-scale production on a national and international level of "erbazzone", a local Emilian product which until then had been exclusively hand-crafted; his vision was to return to its origins by promoting a local restaurant that it was also a place of production for lovers of traditional culinary products of the province of Reggio Emilia. The intervention defined two large areas, one for tables and for the public and another for the large production workshop. The restyling has also involved outdoor areas and access areas to transform the perception of a building with an industrial character into a welcoming and bright place, including a garden of aromatic plants.