Book presentation: “PALAZZO SCARUFFI - storia, arte, restauri”

A palace, a book, a fragment of the history of Reggio.

This work is dedicated to all those who are interested in the history of Palazzo Scaruffi - home for several generation to the family of the famous economist Gasparo Scaruffi - from its origins to the recent return of the Chamber of Commerce in its rooms.
This monograph about Palazzo Scaruffi lets the reader know more about a building from the 1500s placed in the centre of the city, but also allows a fascinating journey into culture, art and economy of the XVI century in the city of Reggio Emilia.

19 maggio 2011, ore 17.00
Palazzo Scaruffi, Via Crispi 3
Reggio Emilia

Enrico Bini
President of Camera di Commercio of Reggio Emilia
Gino Badini
President of Deputazione Reggiana di Storia Patria
Massimo Mussini
Art historian


"PALAZZO SCARUFFI - storia, arte, restauri" a cura di Angelo Mazza, Elio Monducci e Maurizio Zamboni

attend the authors:

Marco Bianchini, Maurizio Zamboni, Alberto Cadoppi, Angelo Mazza