Between human scale and infrastructural needs, regenerating an urban avenue turning it into public space.


Porta S. Pietro - via Emilia Ospizio

location: Reggio Emilia
client: Comune di Reggio Emilia
status: invited competition, 1st prize, 2008 - project and realization: 2008-2010
with: Matteo Agnoletto, Andrea Cavani
consultants: Arch. Matteo Dondè (
collaborators: Andrea Pezzi

photo: Paola De Pietri


The project involved a section of 800 meters, a total area of 12,000 square meters. The goal is to make Via Emilia Ospizio a livable road, a meeting place and a relationship on a human scale. The intervention responds to several objectives: to moderate the speed of cars and to make pedestrians and cyclists safer; improve the environmental conditions of the context by transforming the road into a relationship space, a "living street". The project was divided into several coordinated interventions: the redevelopment of sidewalks, the elimination of architectural barriers, the new public lighting system, the inclusion of 60 new trees to reconstruct the tree-lined row, the adaptation of the underground utilities, the modernization of street furniture and the reorganization of road traffic.