A mixed use iconic highrise building conceived in the relation between inside and outside spaces.


Casa Smeg Jakarta

location: Jakarta (Indonesia)
client: undisclosed - direct commission
status: 2017 - under construction
with: Antara
collaborators: Alessandro Molesini, Benedetta Braglia, Riccardo Amarri
program: mixed use building with showrooms, event and conference areas, offices, penthouse


Following the demolition of the pre-existing building, located on one of the main arteries of the central area of Jakarta, a new high building with a strong iconic character, that houses some floors for showrooms and spaces for events related to them, is now in construction phase. In addition to a large conference room and two floors for executive offices, on the last two floors there is an innovative penthouse with a large rooftop used as a swimming pool and outdoor areas. The iconic shape of the building is given by the strong internal-external interaction that characterizes all the floors, with external terraces that extend the interior spaces in a visual and functional continuity, creating a series of terraces that look out on the others in order to allow the uninterrupted view between all levels. The contrast between concrete walls and large windows defines a dialogue between full and voids, that characterizes the building for its strongly expressive image, although sober and elegant, emerging in the skyline of the street front. In the basement there is a parking area accessible via a ramp that runs alongside and under the building, allowing easy access to the pedestrian and vehicular spaces of the showrooms, offices and housing above.