Freeplan and cantilevering fabric sails to endorse regional and national prosperity.


Oudja Stadium

location: Oudja (Morocco)
client: Oudja Municipality
status: 2016, competition
with: Massimo Majowiecki, David Zannoner, UniArchi
collaborators: Manuela Senese
program: New stadium 50.000 seats plus infrastructures


The stadium of Oujda is a symbol for a local and national flourishing, with a high emblematic value as it is located amid crossing routes between South and North, East and West. Considering its highly strategic position, we thought of a design that could embody this social and economical prosperity in a physical gesture: an ancient moroccan tradition in offering flowers to hosts while inviting them at home. As an icon, the stadium itself in enclosed and protected by flower leafs, which area translated into big shaders of steel and translucent textile membrane. Intertwined with different dimensions for a total of 20 elements, each of these “leaf structure” becomes both façade and cantilevered canopy, filtering intense sun light, heat, sand transported by desert winds, as well as reducing acoustic waves reflection during most crowded moments.