A meeting place opened like the pages of Domus magazine, to give form and evidence to a multimedia platform of international relevance.


Domus Stand Milano

direct commission

location: Milano Fiera (Italy)
client: Domus
status: 2014 - realized
program: temporary exhibition


Located in a central position on the pedestrian route that connects Porta Est with Porta Ovest, the Domus pavilion at the Milan-Rho Fair, part of the Milan Design Fair, represents the exhibition space of the international architecture magazine Domus and the many initiatives and collateral activities that through Editoriale Domus they are promoted at international level also with the numerous foreign partners. Conceived as an open space, ideally framed on three sides by a wall in the form of an open book that embraces the long table on which the magazines are exposed, it is intended to be the ideal representation of a meeting space in which people and ideas can meet in a space dedicated to one of the most long-lived international design magazines, founded in 1929 and still a point of reference in the field of architecture, urban planning, art and all that revolves around the project in ideal context of the Milan international capital of design and fashion.