Taking advantage of diagonal and long-shot views, this villa sets its own way to live in the countryside.


Villa D

location: Boretto (RE) 
client: Costruzioni Molesini srl
status: definitive project, 2011 
with: Alessandro Molesini
program: private villa 450 sqm
structures: Ing. Roberto Riva
plants and installations: Studio Dario Lotti


Set in the outskirt of a small countryside town, this private villa finds its roots in balancing an overture towards the landscape and an intimacy from immediate neighborhoods. Due to this consideration, the typology of a inner central courtyard was developed, allowing multiples advantages: uppermost, it gives intimacy while being an outdoor space, thus mediating the balance between interior and exterior. It also grants a certain economy in terms of energetic consumptions as well, keeping the building compact and porous at the same time; this is an important factor for a building thermal inertia, as this area sees dump and very warm summers, and cold winters with high humidity levels. Eventually, natural light is highly controllable, opening up possibilities for different spatial assets, such as double-oriented views for rooms, living rooms and circulation spaces.

The latter aspect is what indeed gives this villa its own way to live in the countryside: usually setting clear limits amid interior and exteriors, life in this kind of non-urban areas can instead have intermediate buffer spaces amid them, a courtyard for instance. This gives the house a certain visual sequencing between rooms and windows, framing the landscape instead of showing it all, eventually enhancing the proximity to the landscape itself and keeping the spatial experience of the house very permeable. Structurally served by concrete pillars and walls, finishing will be in raw red bricks, a material of a very long lasting tradition in this area.